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Each network user has its own E-mail address that can receive messages sent to other users. The E-mail is the most widely used application of electronic communication, not only between companies but individual users. 35 The great proliferation is fully justified considering the many advantages of its use in relation to other forms of communication Baines et al. The user can read the messages whenever you want, as long have access to a computer connected to the internet. Can respond to a message at any time. It is also possible to send not only simple text and even sound files professional seo service india containing image, video, etc. Still, the possibility of simultaneous sending the message to several recipients, which makes email discussion tool with the participation of many users, creating known mailing lists where messages exchanged between different users can be visible from all those interested in the issues discussed. There are several types of e-mail and most of them need a license from the receiver to be sent. Permission is often given when customers receive during an online purchase, and therefore, can share some personal information with the company Macpherson, 2001. The e- mail without permission from the receiver, called spam, unwanted e -mail and sometimes junk mail Baines et al., 2011: 642.

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The e-mail marketing includes newsletters, discussion lists, quick announcements, press releases and directories campaignmonitor, 2012. All those sent from a given list. The list for the input is a list that you should submit an application to get the e -mail from a company and an outflow mailing list is a list that is already receiving email and will have to send a message not to continue gets e-mail local seo services india from this list Macpherson, 2001. The Chaffey et al., 2006 explain that an e-mail marketing campaign can be used to attract more customers to a website, direct e-mail sent from a mailing list from the company in order to reach more people ibid. There are many theories about how to write the perfect message to give the correct answer. The Baines et al., 2011 emphasize the personalization prior to formulation, as research shows that individualization has a response rate of 64%.

It is also important to control the e-mail systems, so that the dispatched e-mail can not be blocked by spam filters. Finally, to obtain full control of e-mail marketing monitoring mechanisms suggest checking on whether customers click on links. Ibid. To opt-in e-mail is a form of advertising via e-mail. O this term means that a company acquires e -mail addresses from an online audience and in their continuous send e-mail because the receivers have agreed to receiving them. The e-mail is sent only when online audiences enrolled to receive news or information that interests them.

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Usually, complete an online form to register. After that, sometimes they are asked to confirm their email professional seo service india addresses once to activate. The content of this message is usually done for the purpose of marketing and promotion, but sometimes only provided news. For example, an online user who is interested in technology and recorded in this category in the BBC's website, you will receive emails which give news for this field. In the online market, there are some companies that collect email addresses from online people through websites or banner ads. Later, sell mailing lists to other companies or marketers. The marketers will use these e-mail addresses to send relevant news to the online audience that was previously registered. In addition, marketers, sending e-mail, should stress that this is not spam. In e-mail marketing, the opt out is an action see more which indicates that online users do not wish to receive e-mail from specific websites anymore. They can be deleted by clicking on a link or sending an e-mail to demand that they do not want to receive these e-mail. The addresses of their e-mail, will be deleted from the lists of marketerscold email e-mail means that a company hires a list of email addresses from various providers and uses it to send promotional information to online users.